Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to
know about shipping with Dash Cargo

What is the difference between FCL vs LCL?
  • Full Container Loading (FCL) is when a whole container is occupied by the goods of one single party.

  • Less than a Container Loading (LCL) pertains to shipments with products of multiple parties consolidated into one single container, which is often facilitated by a freight forwarder.

What are the dimensions of our container vans?
  • Please see the sizing chart above.

What is HS CODE?
  • HS CODE stands for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. It is a management system for classification of goods established by the World Customs Organization. It comprises a 10-digit number, where the 6 digits are internationally unified, and the rest classified depending on the country.


    HS Code is crucial for determining the right taxes for importing and exporting goods.

Is your company a freight forwarder or a brokerage firm?
  • We are both. We go the extra mile by taking care of customs requirements aside from our forwarding services.


    Most forwarders only take care of getting things from one place to another and customs brokers just take care of clearing imported items. We take care of both so that our client can just sit back and wait for their item.

Why would one want to use your service when there's DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other shipping companies?"
  • If you will be shipping in huge quantities with heavy weight and high value, it will be best to use our service as we can assure you that whatever rate you can get from these shipping companies are definitely higher than what we offer.


    On top of that, there will be a great chance that you will have to clear the items in customs yourself if the quantity is great with a high value.


    Customs clearing is no joke especially if you are not a licensed importer without the valid permits associated with it. Sure you can clear your items if you’re willing to spend 2-3 times more than what it’s worth. – Believe us it is often the case. However, if they can clear your items, you still have to pay separate for your customs taxes and duties.

Do I have to pay separately for shipping, duties & taxes from China (or any other country) to the Philippines?"
  • No. One of the advantages we offer is we can offer you an all-inclusive charge.


    You don’t have to worry about the dizzying array of fees that you have to deal with when you use regular forwarders.

How many days can you release the cargo?
  • Clearing the container usually takes a week, then it will be transferred to our releasing facility. When it gets to our facility, we will unload and notify you that your cargo is ready for settlement and pickup/delivery.

    All in all, it takes an average of 2-3 weeks. However we can only give you the estimate. We never guarantee arrival dates since customs clears shipments longer than usual, but sometimes they also do it faster.

What if I need my items ASAP?
  • We can organize air freight which usually 3-5 days to arrive.

I am from outside Metro Manila, can I use your service?"
  • Yes, we can deliver your full container loads with our own fleet of trucks.

    As for loose cargo loads that need to reach further areas not serviceable by our trucks, we can still service you with the help of local forwarders.

Is it possible to get my import cost when I haven't even finalized my purchase yet?
  • Yes! All you have to do is ask your supplier for the gross weight and dimensions of your cargo, and fill up a quote request form.

    If you don’t have a supplier yet to give you the measurements, you can fill it up with your best estimates – but remember: real measurements = real cost. If you want numbers you can work with, just ask a supplier. They can easily give it to you because it’s readily available info for them.

I want to import products that are not from the countries you service. Can you help?
  • Yes we can. However, if it’s not coming from the countries we specialize in, we can only bring in whole containers for you (full or partially filled).


    To get a quotation, we will need a copy of the proforma invoice and packing list. You can get these from your supplier.

I ordered products from Alibaba or other equivalent purchasing sites, how do I incur less shipping fees on these?"
  • Instead of using Alibaba’s international courier, have them deliver to our warehouses for free or minimal cost, which would definitely help save your time and resources.


    We have warehouses located where most suppliers are – Guangzhou, Yiwu, and Fujian. Contact us for more information on the location of our warehouses.

Is real-time freight tracking possible?
  • Dash Cargo provides real-time tracking information of customer’s cargo with a 3-hour interval through global location service (real-time tracking).

When and how do I settle payment?
  • Payment is only due once we’ve cleared your cargo out of customs and it’s at our releasing facility. We will send you the bill which you can settle by bank deposit.

    Once your payment clears, you can pick up your cargo or have it delivered to your door.

Are there restrictions on the items to ship? If yes, what are these?"
  • Package Inspection Policy

    Shipment is accepted subject to the terms and conditions stated as follows:


    • Dash Cargo reserves the right to inspect or open your shipment for any valid reason either after acceptance of shipment or prior to further transport, or to reject the shipment when deemed necessary, or as prohibited by law, or failure to comply with regulations.

    • Dash Cargo cannot be held liable for any delays, losses or damages due to incomplete, inaccurate or false documentation of pertinent data, or failure to comply with the law and regulation.


    Prohibited Items


    Please note that delivery is not available for the items listed below.

    • Flammable Materials

    • Corrosive Materials

    • Toxic Substances

    • Explosives

    • Magnetized Materials

    • Oxidizers

    • Infectious Substances

    • Radioactive Materials

    • Firearms and Ammunitions

    • Other illegal items as identified by law