Shipping from China to the Philippines: How Long Does it Take?


Once called the sleeping giant, most experts didn’t expect China’s economic boom to be so exponential. However, when the country started to open its borders and reform its economy in 1978, its GDP growth averaged 10% per year. This world-changing reform took 800 million people out of poverty and turned this nation into what it is today. 

Thanks to this development, China ranks second among the world’s top 15 countries by GDP. Today, China is an upper-middle income country, with its main economic drivers being the services sector, agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and import and export trades.

For business owners, importing or exporting from China can bring exciting opportunities. However, you will need more information if you plan to acquire freight forwarding services. This guide will break down shipping times from China to the Philippines, so you know what to expect!

Shipping Options from China to the Philippines

Due to the country’s proximity, many business owners in the Philippines are pursuing opportunities in China. The two shipping options they can use when dealing with Chinese partners would be sea and air freight. 

Sea freight

Large-scale cargo transportation through carrier ships is known as sea freight. After being packaged in containers, the goods are put onto a vessel. Since a standard cargo ship can hold up to 18,000 containers, moving huge amounts of goods across long distances by the sea is economical.

Sea freight from China to the Philippines is best if you’re planning to ship a large amount of cargo since it’s more cost-efficient.

Air freight

This is the delivery of products via an airline. When it comes to sending express shipments around the world, air transport services are the most beneficial. Air freight uses the same airports as commercial or passenger airlines. Air freight from China to the Philippines is best if you’re planning to ship perishables since planes travel much faster. 

China to the Philippines Shipping Time

Many customers and sellers ask how many days would shipping from China to the Philippines take. If you’re planning to move your products via sea, here’s a breakdown of the travel times of shipping from China to the Philippines.

The table above should give you an idea of how long sea freight shipping takes from port to port. If you’re looking for faster shipment, transporting your products by air will take around two to three days.

On another note, it’s important to consider the different container options at your disposal! In case you decide to ship your products by sea, picking the right container will ensure that your products are safe during transit.

Ship from China to the Philippines with Ease

As borders open up, more businesses are pursuing business opportunities beyond their homeland. Doing so not only improves their bottom line but also strengthens local and foreign economies. Now that you know the shipping time from China to the Philippines and vice versa, it will be easier for you to go about your deliveries!  

If you’re looking for the most efficient way of shipping from China to the Philippines, it’d be best to partner with a trusted service provider that can handle your shipping needs with no hiccups. Luckily, Dash Cargo is an international freight forwarder in the Philippines, that can provide efficient logistics solutions for your business. If you require sea freight shipping or custom clearance services, rest assured that we’ll get the job done!

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Betina Tanedo

Bettina Tanedo is the Marketing Director of Dash Cargo Logistics. She's worked in the shipping industry for over 10 years and specializes in omnichannel, E-commerce, and logistics.